Teaching the Next Generation the Proper Use of the English Language

What if there was an English Curriculum that:

contained Christian values
was economical
was designed for all student ability levels
required only three to five lessons per week
had easy-to-use teacher guides/answer keys
requires no parent preparation time
was complete and thorough
and encouraged independent learning

Would you be interested?

Climbing to Good English and Pathway Readers and Workbooks are all this and more!

Now you can guide your child through the maze of the English language without feeling trapped yourself. Climbing to Good English and Pathway Readers are simple enough to be used by people for whom English is a second language yet challenging enough to keep the most avid English instructor interested.

For Your Convenience - Language Arts Kits

The Pathway Reader series, the Pathway Working With Words vocabulary development workbooks and the Climbing to Good English curriculum are available for individual purchase. We have also assembled these fine resources as graded kits for your convenience.

Not sure which books your child needs to match their reading level?

Try our placement test for Pathway Readers. This test will work for up to the end of third grade and will automatically tell you what reader you need to begin with. "Climbing to Good English" sample lessons, and the Tables of Contents for each book gives you an overview of what is covered.

So, your child is all over the map and not at one specific grade level for academic skills? Call us at 1-800-653-4231 and we will help you make wise choices when purchasing "mixed grade" materials.

Key Words To Remember:
Inexpensive, Thorough, Easy-to-Use!