Teaching the Next Generation the Proper Use of the English Language

Grade 3 / 3rd Grade

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Our Grade 3 Language Arts Kit utilizes two Pathway readers, workbooks, teacher books, one Climbing to Good English workbook and teacher, and a syllabication chart. Purchase items individually or as a complete kit.

Grade 3 / 3rd Grade Language Arts Kit

Kit Contains:
• Pathway New Friends Reader
• Pathway New Friends Workbook
• Pathway New Friends Teacher
• Pathway More New Friends Reader
• Pathway More New Friends Workbook
• Pathway More New Friends Teacher
• Climbing to Good English Level 3 Workbook
• Climbing to Good English Level 3 Teacher
• Syllabication Chart

Purchase items individually or as a complete kit. See descriptions of each individual item below.

Grammar and Writing Skills

Climbing To Good English Workbook

By: SchoolAid
Climbing to Good English 3 first reviews all of the language skills, grammar, and phonics taught in Climbing to Good English 2. Old concepts are repeated for reinforcement and as a base on which to build extensions and new concepts.

Climbing to Good English 3 takes 170 days to complete 12 units, unit reviews and test pages.

Language Skills Taught

• Entry Words
• Alphabetical Order
• Guide Words
• Dictionary Re-spellings
• Multiple Meanings
• Accents
• Root Words
• Table of Contents
• The Index
• Using the Dictionary

• Kinds of Sentences
• Two Parts of a Sentence
• Writing Good Sentences
• Run-on Sentences
• Noun-Verb Pattern
• Expanding Sentences
• Sentence Variations
• Noun-Verb-Noun Pattern
• Diagramming Sentences

• Main Idea
• Detail Sentences
• Time Order
• Multiple Paragraph
• Recognizing Paragraphs
• Descriptive Paragraphs
• Paragraphs that Explain
• Writing Directions

• The Friendly Letter
• Letter Parts
• Addressing Envelopes
• Sending a Real Letter
• Writing Postcards
• Initials
• Letters of Invitation
• Thank You Letters
• Letters of Cheer
• Story Titles
• Editing a Story
• Story Writing and Proofreading
• Poems

• Finding Facts
• Taking Notes
• Outlines
• Writing the Report
• Proofreading

• Key Words in Subject and Predicate
• Prefixes and Suffixes
• Homonyms, Antonyms, Synonyms
• Words That Name Sounds
• Describing Words
• Indenting
• Direct Quotations
• Composing
• Syllabication
• Word Usage

• Nouns in the Sentence
• Words That Signal Nouns
• Using A and AN
• Singular & Plural Nouns
• Possessive Nouns
• Common and Proper Nouns
• Using Pronouns

• Learning About Verbs
• Verbs Show Time
• Helping Verbs
• Using Verbs
• Past Tense "-ed" Verbs

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Climbing to Good English 3 Workbook
• 206 pages
Climbing to Good English 3 Teacher
• shows filled in copies of the student workbook pages
• 206 pages
Syllabication Chart
• A sturdy laminated reference chart for the wall or ring binder. Lists 10 syllabication rules with examples. This chart is very helpful with any language arts curriculum and especially when using Climbing to Good English and Pathway workbooks for Level 3.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development

Pathway Teacher's Manual

Pathway Grade 3 Readers

Pathway Reader Workbooks

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New Friends Reader
• 284 pages, 36 stories
New Friends Workbook
• 96 pages
New Friends Teacher's Manual
• 96 pages

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More New Friends Reader
• 288 pages, 36 stories
More New Friends Workbook
• 96 pages
More New Friends Teacher's Manual
• 96 pages